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Terre Company now services the golf course, landscape, sports field, and garden center market
in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Products available include grass seed,
fertilizer, chemicals, plant material, mulches, soils, and a host of miscellaneous related products.
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Ideas come to life with Computer Imaging

Experienced contractors close more contracts using GreenScapes

            * Help customers visualize your ideas – eliminate costly misunderstandings

* Create more revenue with multiple designs including profitable options

                  * Demonstrate your skills and professionalism, making you more competitive

When you are landscaping a new home or renovating an existing landscape…

…Here Are The Facts     You Need To Know!

The technology of Computer Imaging allows you, the contractor and the homeowner, to
see what a landscape project or idea will look like…before the digging begins!

Using a current photograph of the property Computer Imaging creates a picture of
“tomorrow’s landscape”.

Decisions are made easier with Computer Imaging!

No more guessing!  Computer Imaging lets you see the end result and make changes, if
necessary, before it’s too late.

Computer Imaging ensures your money is well spent!

GreenScapes Computer Imaging Software for the Landscape Industry

MPLI99     Call For Current Price
MPRD99 Rendering Image fee of $50.00 per hour
(1) hour minimum

The Terre Company will continue to offer our very popular Landscape Design Imaging
service for 2017, in which we will render a computer generated landscape design for
you. All you need to do is bring in your digital camera or a picture of the site. We will
then load that picture into our Greenscapes computer software system and layout a
landscape image for you to bring back to your customer. Keep your landscape
interesting even when the sun goes down with our NEW Night Lighting software. You will
receive a well presented personalized package with a color glossy picture. Stop by to
check out some of our work. It’s a sure win on selling a job!

Computer Imaging